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Welcome to SSHTools

SSHTools is an impementation of the SSH protocol in Java.

Current Project State

SSHTools is currently not under active development. However, we are still maintaining the project and updating the source tree in case bugs are reported.


We are planning to add some documentation of how to use the SSH client of SSHTools, but we need your help. Please get involved and write some documentation on topics that interest you, e.g., how to transfer a file via SFTP or how to connect to an SSH server using public/private key pairs. Of course, you can also make suggestions which particular topic should be covered.


You can download version 0.2.9 from here.

The latest source code to build sshtools yourself can be downloaded from the SVN as follows

svn co sshtools


(This only applies if you downloaded the source code from the SVN repository.)

You will need a JDK and ANT. Then change to the j2ssh directory and simply type



As of version 0.2.8, SSHTools is licensed under GPL only.

The older versions (0.2.7 and prior) were distributed under a dual license (LGPL and an Apache Style licence).

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